Xinrui Lyu

Ph.D. student @BMI, D-INFK, ETH Zürich

Short bio

I am currently a Ph.D. student at the Biomedical Informatics ⌈BMI⌋ Lab led by Professor Gunnar Rätsch in the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zürich.
My research interests mainly lie in modeling real-world medical/clinical time series, and learning mutational signatures from cancer genomic data. And I also work on proteomics data quantification problem.
Prior to joining the BMI Lab at ETH, I received my M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne ⌈EPFL⌋ in Switzerland, and my B.Eng. in Electronic Engineering from Tsinghua University in China. In 2015, during my master study, I did a six-month internship at the Technicolor R&I Center in France, where I have worked on an offline image searching algorithm.


Mutational signature learning with supervised negative binomial non-negative matrix factorization

Xinrui Lyu, Jean Garret, Gunnar Rätsch, Kjong-Van Lehmann
Bioinformatics, July 2020

Early prediction of circulatory failure in the intensive care unit using machine learning

Stephanie L. Hyland*, Martin Faltys*, Matthias Hüser*, Xinrui Lyu*, Thomas Gumbsch*, Cristóbal Esteban, Christian Bock, Max Horn, Michael Moor, Bastian Rieck, Marc Zimmermann, Dean Bodenham, Karsten Borgwardt, Gunnar Rätsch, Tobias M. Merz
Nature Medicine, March 2020 ⌈* contributed equally⌋

Improving Clinical Predictions through Unsupervised Time Series Representation Learning

Xinrui Lyu, Matthias Hüser, Stephanie L. Hyland, George Zerveas, Gunnar Rätsch
Spotlight - Machine Learning for Health (ML4H) Workshop at NeurIPS, December 2018

Predicting circulatory system deterioration in intensive care unit patients

Stephanie Hyland, Matthias Hüser*, Xinrui Lyu*, Martin Faltys*, Tobias Merz, Gunnar Rätsch
Proceedings of the First Joint Workshop on AI in Health, July 2018 ⌈* contributed equally⌋

Maximum Margin Linear Classifiers in Unions of Subspaces

Xinrui Lyu, Joaquin Zepeda and Patrick Pérez
Proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC), September 2016

Hierarchically Structured Multi-view Features for Mobile Visual Search

Xinrui Lyu, Haopeng Li, Markus Flierl
Data Compression Conference, March 2014

Student projects

Learning Disentangled Representations from Medical Time Series

Student: Amaris Chen
Supervisor: Xinrui Lyu

Master project
SS 20

Matching Mutational Signatures on Cancer Gene Panel

Student: Jinyan Tao
Supervisors: Xinrui Lyu, Kjong Lehmann, Abdullah Kahraman

Master project
SS 20

Lactate imputation using deep learning model

Student: Amaris Chen
Supervisor: Xinrui Lyu

Semester project
AS 19

Extracting mutational signatures using dictionary learning

Student: Jean Garret
Supervisors: Xinrui Lyu, Kjong Lehmann, Gunnar Rätsch

Master project
AS 18

Detection of splicing aberrations in BRCA1/2 variants based on RNA sequencing

Student: Natalie Barcicki Kaskiewicz
Supervisors: Xinrui Lyu, Kjong Lehmann, Gunnar Rätsch

Master project
SS 18